Email and life

An unemployed man applies for a Janitor's job at Microsoft.

They call him in, and to test him, they make him sweep the floor. After a job well done, they ask him for his email address, so they can send him the proper forms and the date for starting the job.

The jobless man hopelessly says, that he has no email and he does not even have a computer.

The hiring manager then informs him, that because he has no email address, he is a virtually non-existent person, and so he can not be hired.

Still being without a job, and with only $10 in his packet, as he walks down the street, he sees a farmer selling tomatoes. He decides to buy a box of them, and starts knocking on doors and tries to sell the tomatoes. In 2 hours he doubles his money. He goes and buys some more tomatoes, and keeps selling them and shortly he has $60.

He realizes, that he can make money this way to, and from then on he wakes up early every morning, he keeps selling the tomatoes, keeps doubling and tripling his money, the he is able to buy a pick up truck and as the business booms, he buys a sixteen wheeler and then another fleet of them.

5 years later, the onetime unemployed man, is now the owner of one of the biggest grocery store chains.

Thinking of his family’s future, he decides to get a life insurance. He calls an agent, chooses the best insurance. At the end of the meeting the agent is asking for the man’s email address to he can the quote there.

The man says that he has no email address. That is curious says the agent. You have no email address and you have achieved so many things. So imagine what would you be able to achieve if you have had one.

The man thinks for a second and he answers: "I would be a janitor at Microsoft."

What is the moral of the story?

1) The Internet does not solve the problems of your life

2) If you have no email, but work smart, you can be a millionaire

3) If you are reading this message, most likely your life is closer to a janitor's than a millionaire.

I do not need an answer... I'm off selling tomatoes...