Mobile Phone

Men are getting dressed in a gym after training, when a mobile phone rings on the dressing bench.

One of them picks it up, and says hello.

“Honey,” says a female voice, “are you in the gym?


“Great. I’m only 2 blocks away. I just saw a beautiful Mink Fur coat, can I buy it?”

“How much?”

“Only $10000.”

“Well, okay, you can buy it, if you like it so much.”

“Oh, thank you darling, but I also just stopped by a Mercedes dealership, and they just came out with the new model, and we really need to get rid off the BMW that we bought last year…”

“How much?”

“Its only $145000.”

“Okay, you can buy it, but make sure that you get all the extras for that price…”

“Thank you sweetie, but before we hang up, I also just went by our real-estate agent and found out that the mansion we wanted to buy last year, is now available. You remember, the one with the bar, the extra large pool, and the Japanese stone garden.”

“How much?”

“Its only $5.5 Million.”

“Okay, but first only offer $5 Million for it.”

“Thank you my love, see you later…”

The man closes the phone, then holds it up high in the air.
“Anyone knows who this phone belongs too?”