At the Gates of Heaven

The pope dies and arrives at St. Peter’s gate. St. Peter welcomes him, and asks for his name.
“I’m the Pope.” Comes the answer.
“The pope, the pope...,” running St. Peter down his hand in the Big Book. “I’m sorry, but I have no one with this name in here.”
“But, I’m the second in command for god on Earth.” says the pope.
“There is a second in command for God on Earth?” looks at him a very surprised St. Peter.
The pope’s head is turning red now. “I’m the head of the Catholic Church.”
“The Catholic Church?… I never heard of it. Wait, I will go and ask the boss.”
He goes back and asks God. “Boss, here is a guy saying he is your second in command on Earth, his name is Pope, and he is the head of a Catholic Church. Does this tell you anything?”
“Doesn’t ring a bell, I never heard of it.” Says God. “Lets go and ask Jesus. He was down on Earth. Maybe he knows something.” They call Jesus and explain to him the situation.
Jesus goes back into his office to look through his papers, and a short time later he comes back.
“You guys will not believe this. Dou you remember that little fishermen’s club I started on Earth?… After 2000 years, it still exists.”