Chinese torture

A Prince goes to the Chinese Emperor with the wish that he wants to marry the emperor's daughter.

The emperor agrees only if the prince can withstand the 3 most horrible Chinese torture of the time. The prince agrees.

Before nightfall he goes into the assigned room in the tower to sleep. The next morning, when he wakes up there is a 100lb stone on his stomach, with a note, "1st horrible Chinese torture. 100lb stone on stomach."

He laughs at how easy this starts and throws the stone out of the window. But as he does so he sees another message on the other side of the stone that says "2nd horrible Chinese torture: Stone tied to left ball" he can not reach the falling stone so he jumps out of the window after it.

That is, when he sees the 3rd message on the wall outside: "3rd horrible Chinese torture: bed tied to right ball"...